MyShroom Testimonials

Us just telling you that MyShroom blends work wonders might not be enough. Here are just a few of the 100's of people we have been fortunate enough to help. We have edited lightly for grammar and style, but left the text otherwise intact. Click on a name for much more detail.   -- the MyShroom team

The surgeon called me and I quote, “The fluid collection or mass looks the same size or smaller. May be because of postoperative changes.  I don’t think it is reoccurring of the tumor”. Then she went on to say the January CT radiology report in my pelvic area near the colon and bladder was 8.7 cm. (3.3 inches). The CT in June was 6.7 cm. Hmm...mathematically 5/8-3/4 inches smaller! Yes indeed I was so thrilled with the positive results that I did in fact call my siblings immediately. I believe the MyShroom powder is helping my body heal and shrink the size of the mass.
I have type 1 diabetes. I started taking the medicinal mushrooms on 2/15/2020 and was able to reduce my insulin intake.
My GFR has increased proportionately to my creatinine dropping. After two months, tremors in my hands were reduced and today they are nearly completely gone. Though my meds regimen is also different from before the kidney rejection, their effects never dropped my creatinine into a normal range and they have only ever had harmful effects to my nervous system.
I still have lung cancer, but it has not progressed significantly since the original diagnosis 6 years ago, and I live a relatively normal life.
I started taking 16 teaspoons of Immune Health mushroom powder in July 2019, and lab results show shrinking of my Liposarcoma to less than half.
My wife was given 5 days to live on diagnosis [of ovarian cancer] and after chemo and surgery she was in remission for 18 months. The cancer came back in the liver, both lungs, pelvic cavity and small intestine. With chemo along with a natural protocol we saw success until her kidneys and blood pressure started to suffer. At this point we stopped the chemo and avastin and reached out to Alan for the mushrooms. I had the immune mushroom blend sent overnight and Ashley immediately started with 13 teaspoons a day. After 6 days we went to a scheduled oncology appointment for another round of chemo and to our amazement her oncologist said she was cancer free.
I was battling skin cancer lesions on the lower half of my left leg which seemed like an endless battle. When Carol Ann invited me to a lecture on some amazing mushrooms, I was all in.. So in that I bought a bag right after the lecture and took it with me on my vacation to France. To this day, I haven't had a cancerous lesion pop up. Small growths will form and then go away. - Karen D.
The love of my life is a poodle mix who has very sensitive skin. One flea bite causes this whole inflammation/itchy cycle... Recently, I have been putting 1/4 tea of Myshroom Mushrooms in his food every morning, and I noticed a big difference in the first week.  He is less itchy and seems to calm his whole system down. 
Peep. Peep. When I was around 3 weeks old, my humans noticed I was laying down a lot, seemed off balance when I did walk and was breathing rapidly. Luckily a friend was well versed in the healing properties of MyShroom and recommended my mom try it on me. I'm still a little smaller than the others,  but I keep up with them just fine.
3 years ago I suffered from cervical stenosis with Radiculopathy. The “pinched nerve” in my neck shot a tremendous amount of lightning bolt type nerve pain down my neck through the shoulder blade into my arm and hand. I was gifted the MyShroom Immune Blend powder, the pain, tingling, and arthritis subsided and went away. Truly a blessing!