6 Days of Immune Health blend: Cancer free

Ashley S.

My wife was given 5 days to live on diagnosis  [of ovarian cancer] and after chemo and surgery she was in remission for 18 months. The cancer came back in the liver, both lungs, pelvic cavity and small intestine. We agreed to do chemo again, even though we were against it but, the cancer was growing at a rate of 500% per month. Chemo along with a natural protocol we saw success until her kidneys and blood pressure started to suffer. At this point we stopped the chemo and avastin and reached out to Alan for the mushrooms. I had the immune mushroom blend sent overnight and Ashley immediately started with 13 teaspoons a day in her fruit, vegetable and coconut milk blend. After 6 days we went to a scheduled oncology appointment for another round of chemo and to our amazement her oncologist said she was cancer free. We follow multiple women with the same disease and we have yet to see any of them have the same results. We will keep Ashley on the mushroom blend at a high dose for many months to come and we will keep her on a maintenance does for the next 20 years. We believe she will be cured of cancer soon and we owe it to the amazing power of our naturopath and the mushroom blend.

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