Karen D.

I was battling skin cancer lesions on the lower half of my left leg which seemed like an endless battle. When Carol Ann invited me to a lecture on some amazing mushrooms, I was all in.. So in that I bought a bag right after the lecture and took it with me on my vacation to France. That was in May of 2019. For those two weeks I was religious in taking the MyShrooms. So religious I came back with an empty bag. I was also using the Bemer while I was there so I believe that the circulation therapy was truly assisting the great results I had. To this day, I haven't had a cancerous lesion pop up. Small growths will form and then go away. I’m saving up for another bag as I want these in my system always. It's actually a cheap fix compared to the hacking I've already had on my leg. I also noticed my complexion to be a lot smoother and have had people tell me so.


- Karen D.

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