MyShroom helped a weak chick

a little chick

Peep. Peep.

When I was around 3 weeks old, my humans noticed I was laying down a lot, seemed off balance when I did walk and was breathing rapidly. They offered me live meal worms and droplets of diluted apple cider vinegar 3x day separate from my 6 sisters. I was often too weak or not interested in eating. My human mom was pretty worried and talked to her friend about me. She mixed 1/8 teaspoon of MyShroom in approximately 1/4 cup of water and fed it to me 3 x day via drops from a syringe. By the 3rd dose on the first day, I was much more alert and ate 4 meal worms! Every dose after that showed improvement and my appetite continued to grow. By the 3rd day,  I was much more steady on my feet and began to join the other chicks at the feeder in the coop. My mom kept up 3 x day for 4 full days until I was fully part of the flock again. 

little chick on one of the first of her bad dayslittle chick joining her sisters in the outside coop

The first photo shows me on one of the first of my bad days. The second photo is when I got to join my sisters in the outside coop.

I'm still a little smaller than the others,  but I keep up with them just fine. Just look at me now!

Thank goodness for MyShroom!

the little chick now, after getting help from MyShroom mushrooms

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