Tumor mass reduced while taking MyShrooms

Dava V.

I have good news! My CatScan for pseudomyxoma peritonei in June showed little signs of growth. I was SO RELIEVED! So relieved because I was feeling too anxious about the thought of another hospitalization especially during Covid. 

The surgeon called me and I quote, “The fluid collection or mass looks the same size or smaller. May be because of postoperative changes.  I don’t think it is reoccurring of the tumor”. Then she went on to say the January CT radiology report in my pelvic area near the colon and bladder was 8.7 cm. (3.3 inches). The CT in June was 6.7 cm. Hmm...mathematically 5/8-3/4 inches smaller! Yes indeed I was so thrilled with the positive results that I did in fact call my siblings immediately.

Dr. Rodriguez put in an order for another CT in December and an in person physical exam to check the size of the mass and another blood test.

I believe the MyShroom powder is helping my body heal and shrink the size of the mass. My abdomen is still big and distended, but from what I’ve been told it is partially because of the inside and outside scars. My hopes are that with the continued use of the MyShroom powder the mass will shrink substantially or just simply disappear. I am just going to remain positive, and grateful for how well I am doing.

I feel good and walk a mile or two almost everyday. And am thankful for my studio apartment and that I have health insurance. Times are tough for a lot of people now.

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