Cervical stenosis with Radiculopathy

Dava V.

3 years ago I suffered from cervical stenosis with Radiculopathy. Basically C4 and C5 discs in my neck are worn down so the “pinched nerve” in my neck shot a tremendous amount of lightning bolt type nerve pain down my neck through the shoulder blade into my arm and hand. The numbness and tingling caused arthritis in my hand. This was so painful that I was referred to The Pain Management clinic for pain pills and an injection. It was debilitating and difficult to function. I did have some acupuncturist sessions, as many as I could afford. But then I was gifted the MyShroom Immune Blend powder, the pain, tingling, and arthritis subsided and went away. Truly a blessing! This is my own personal testimonial of how the product worked for me and how I no longer needed pain pills, which I did not like the side effects.  And that horrific pain has not returned since! Truly a blessing!

Dava V., age 66

- Dava V. 

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