Relief from chemo side effects thanks to MyShroom blend

Kevin T.

My mom said that she has been suffering with pain in her body due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments (55 treatments at $28,000/each in the last 2 years). She’s also been suffering from nausea and vomiting haven’t been to get a good night sleep in two (2) years and after taking the MyShroom Immune Health blend, she received relief from the pain the very same night she took the mushrooms and was also relieved from her nausea and vomiting and was able to sleep peacefully for more than five (5) hrs for the first time in two (2) yrs. My dad has also started taking mushrooms and he has experienced great results in his areas of need. He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer but for the past week with taking MyShrooms, he has  gotten great results with not only having his trips to the bathroom reduced but also his vision has gotten better and his blood sugar has returned to normal.

- Kevin T.