Ostheoarthritis, but no cane

A. Ander

I’ve been healthy my whole life… But when I turned 50, my health started to steadily decline. My shoulders, my knees, my joints and my muscles began to ache. I had to lessen my mobility as the pain increased. Two MRIs later showed that I had OsteoArthritis and was in need of replacement of both of my knees, as I was now bone on bone. I accustomed myself to walking with a cane and using the mobile carts whenever I shopped. My life‘s activities were now defined by how far, and the number of steps, that I would be able to endure. I tried many pain management protocols along the way, each one helping a bit, but never giving any lasting relief. Until I tried medicinal mushrooms! Being on them for four months now, I am in less pain  (50-80% less pain)...

I no longer use a cane (only for stairs) and am feeling stronger and healthier every day. I am so happy to have been introduced to the MyShrooms Medicinal Mushrooms, for it has truly given me back ‘hope’ for a better life.

In Gratitude, A. Ander