This is the generic cancer category. We use this for all cancers, and add proper cancer subtypes if available and appropriate.


Tumor mass reduced while taking MyShrooms

The surgeon called me and I quote, “The fluid collection or mass looks the same size or smaller. May be because of postoperative changes.  I don’t think it is reoccurring of the tumor”. Then she went on to say the January CT radiology report in my pelvic area near the colon and bladder was 8.7 cm. (3.3 inches). The CT in June was 6.7 cm. Hmm...mathematically 5/8-3/4 inches smaller! Yes indeed I was so thrilled with the positive results that I did in fact call my siblings immediately. I believe the MyShroom powder is helping my body heal and shrink the size of the mass.

6 Days of Immune Health blend: Cancer free

My wife was given 5 days to live on diagnosis [of ovarian cancer] and after chemo and surgery she was in remission for 18 months. The cancer came back in the liver, both lungs, pelvic cavity and small intestine. With chemo along with a natural protocol we saw success until her kidneys and blood pressure started to suffer. At this point we stopped the chemo and avastin and reached out to Alan for the mushrooms. I had the immune mushroom blend sent overnight and Ashley immediately started with 13 teaspoons a day. After 6 days we went to a scheduled oncology appointment for another round of chemo and to our amazement her oncologist said she was cancer free.

MyShroom mushrooms help with persistent brain cancer

Stacy had a video appointment with her radiologist to go over the first MRI results since taking MyShrooms. First of all the radiologist was very happy with the results! Growth is still there, but there is decrease and less activity. Less blood flow to certain tumor areas (they are dying). The other areas that had higher levels are now less. There is a slight decrease in size. No chemo is needed, the next MRI scheduled in 4 months.  She was going over with her mom that it has been a year of no great news with MRI's, she always had to do radiation, chemo, or more frequent MRI's.  She has now been eating clean and taking mushrooms for 2 months.  Her mom started crying with joy!! 

Mushrooms help with Skin Cancer Lesions

I was battling skin cancer lesions on the lower half of my left leg which seemed like an endless battle. When Carol Ann invited me to a lecture on some amazing mushrooms, I was all in.. So in that I bought a bag right after the lecture and took it with me on my vacation to France. To this day, I haven't had a cancerous lesion pop up. Small growths will form and then go away. - Karen D.

900 hours of chemo, and back on track

I was diagnosed with three extremely aggressive types of lymphoma, and given an extremely aggressive regimen of chemotherapy. After 900 hours of chemo I began taking the product. I felt as though my system was rebuilding and repairing my body after the intense regimen I had gone through. The effects of Alan's product are definitely beneficial and just keep getting better. - a 70 year old man