Disease Prevention through the Use of Hybrid Medicinal Mushrooms

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Our Current Health Crisis

Today’s world with its troubling health crises are forcing many people to wonder, “Am I doing all I can so that myself and my family can be as healthy as possible, in order to resist and even reverse disease?”  Good health and disease prevention are about providing the body’s cells with the essential tools to keep all cellular functions operating efficiently and effectively, in a harmonious, well-regulated balance.  The foundation of good health, according to modern medical science, now agrees with much of what our mothers and fathers traditionally told us:  nutritious food, regular exercise, social connections, and restful sleep are the foundations for good health… yet there are situations when they are not enough.  

Chronic diseases are a major factor in the continuous growth of medical care spending, with 75% of the associated costs allocated to those over 65. As the body ages, certain aspects of the immune system also decline.  Toxins ingested from the environment and denatured foods also take their toll over the years. The body has an innate wisdom and resilience which we are learning to tap into.  These diseases and conditions can be overcome or avoided through proper nutrition and exercise.  Each cell of the human body is composed of thousands of proteins and chemicals, expressing a myriad of chemical interactions occurring every second.  These require specific catalysts (enzymes), which are provided from our food source.

Going Back to Our Roots in Nature

We, as humans, have evolved and learned to adapt with our individual chemistry set, based upon the food source around us. We have evolved with these foods, and it is necessary not to deviate too far from the synergy between our “food” source, and our bodies. As little as two hundred years ago we were fundamentally an agrarian society.  We grew a garden behind the house, we hunted for meat from the local forest, and we scavenged for mushrooms and berries from the forest.  Fruits and vegetables are imperative to a healthy diet, but what our modern society does not get is a regular supply of the super-class of medicinal mushrooms. White and brown button mushrooms, commonly sold in the markets, are grown because they are easy and cheap to cultivate.  While these store mushrooms can have healthful chemistry particularly if they are organic, they lack the advanced health benefits found in medicinal mushrooms. 

Specifically grown hybrid strains of medicinal mushrooms are essential to our good bio-health.  These medicinal mushrooms provide a very unique chemistry, which mimics steroids, but are neither toxic nor dangerous. The mushrooms, therefore, provide antioxidants, vitamins B and D. Most importantly, they have very complicated sugar chemistry, which plug into the cell’s surface receptors causing an up-regulation and modulation of the immune system.

Understanding the Immune System

Our Immune System is a collection of mechanisms which protect against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells. It detects and defeats a wide variety of agents including bacterial, viral, parasitic worms and cancer.

Our immune system has essentially two major parts: the innate, and the adaptive defense. The innate system is the body's primary first line of defense providing an immediate response. Innate cell types include monocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophiles mast cells, and natural killer cells. The Innate System is triggered at the onset of infection, and includes specific cellular memories of how the body has fought off similar infections. 

Adaptive immunity is triggered in vertebrates when a pathogen evades the innate immune system and generates a threshold level of antigen. The adaptive system is comprised of T cells and the B cells: these are activated by the innate system. These cells adapt their response during an infection to improve their recognition of the pathogen.

Several studies have also shown that medicinal mushrooms improve the body's immune system defense against foreign invaders by enhancing the ability of macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells to respond to and fight a wide range of challenges such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. 

Cancers are normal cells of our body, which have subsequently become corrupt through many types of stresses placed upon them.  One type of stress is oxidative stress caused by free radicals.  UV and gamma radiation from the sun which destroy cell structure in an indiscriminate way.  Another stressor is a lack of proper functional proteins, caused by improper manufacture and/or a lack of amino acids used to make proteins. Another stress is DNA fragmentation, caused by radiation and chemical teratogens from our environment.  There are many other cellular stresses which cause our cells to fail partially or catastrophically.  Our only defense against cancer is our powerful immune system.  Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies daily. What keeps us from developing and dying from massive amounts of these corrupt cells is a strong immune system, which then targets cancer cells for programmed cell death (apoptosis).

Our immune system is hugely complex and is constantly bombarded with billions of these corrupt cells. We would be overcome with infection in two days and would be likely dead within five, if not for our incredible and immensely powerful defense system. When our immune systems become weak or deficient, cancer cells can mask themselves by utilizing portions of our immune chemistry.  Here is how it happens:  When we get an infection or a wound, the first defense of the body is an inflammatory response.  When this occurs, the body rushes white blood cells to the wound.  These white blood cells then summon complementary proteins to the area, signaling the cells at the wound site not to die.  They signal the cells to reproduce rapidly to heal the wound area, to produce a special protein, so that the cell can replicate many more times than it normally would. These wounded or infected cells reproduce until other chemistry tells them to stop.  After about a week the immune system then down-regulates the interleukins and complement proteins, causing an anti-inflammatory response.  This is the natural process.  But when we have a chronic inflammatory condition, this is when a corrupt cancer cell has the opportunity to use the inflammatory response to its advantage by growing rapidly, producing tumors, and then migrating to other places in the body to take hold (metastasis).  Fortunately for us, many of the medicinal mushrooms grown in sterile clean rooms contain chemistry which has been shown - and is published in journal articles - to down-regulate this inflammatory reaction. These mushrooms produce this anti-inflammatory response.  Two common causes of chronic inflammation are gum disease, and inflammation of the colon.  Ingesting mushroom chemistry  can prevent cancer from masking itself from our immune system.  Since medicinal mushrooms significantly increase white blood cells, now the immune system has the direction and intensity to seek out and destroy existing cancer cells.

Radiation treatments (radiotherapy) and Chemotherapy are currently the common treatment options for cancer. Although one is classed as targeted, both are actually nonspecific, doing collateral damage to healthy cells surrounding the tumour. Both treatments also depress the immune system. The rationale is that the body may eventually recover without the cancers. Unfortunately, many cancers have a nasty way of re-occuring a few years later, perhaps in a new location, and the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation may debilitate the immune system for many years.

A depressed immune system allows bacteria, viruses and new cancer cells to proliferate.  Then these hazardous drugs do damage to vital organs like kidneys and liver, and the effectiveness of of chemotherapy is limited.   Worsening the situation, biopsies of tumors are often taken surgically, creating yet further inflammatory response. The cancer cells can then use this inflammatory chemistry to further 'hide' from our immune system.  Tumor metastasis accounts for 90% of cancer-associated deaths and are frequently inaccessible by chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy.

Peer reviewed research which is published in scientific journal articles show that medicinal mushrooms cause regeneration of liver and kidney tissue.  When we provide the body’s cells with the essential chemistry tools, the body will heal itself.  The chemistry comes from quality foods, and mushrooms - unlike drugs - do not degrade body organs, but rather effect re-growth of tissue.  Jacqueline Curzon experienced traditional treatments for pancreatic cancer with limited results. She now consumes the Immune Medicinal Mushroom blend, and has seen her tests improve.  There are many testimonials and success stories which people can read about on our website, mycoldiscovery.com.  For more scientific information on the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, please visit quanthealth.org.

Medicinal Mushrooms Can Favorably Impact Our Metabolism

Our body’s energy source is provided from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  The carbohydrates are complex sugars and must be broken down by enzymes in our gut to produce simpler sugars which are then absorbed into our blood. Our modern food manufacturing processes have now developed soft drinks, which are nothing more than glucose water with flavor.  This glucose is provided in an unnaturally high concentration.  Day in and day out, high levels of glucose cause the cells to respond to this stress.  It is possible to overwhelm the systems of the body. The body is very adaptive and responds to chronic large amounts of glucose by downregulating the insulin receptors' sensitivity.  Insulin plugs into the receptor, to open the gate so glucose can flow into the cell.  With the insulin receptor now desensitized, the glucose is unable to do that. High concentrations of glucose taken as ‘normal drinks’ chronically undermine our health and are a major contributor to type 2 diabetes. American and European populations drink unlimited quantities of soda pop (fizzy drinks), which are universally available at all fast food outlets.

When the insulin receptor becomes desensitized, the body produces more insulin in the pancreas. This new insulin tries to plug into the cells insulin receptors to let glucose in.  But the receptors are already saturated with insulin.  Now the blood has high blood glucose and high blood insulin levels.  The cells - sensing that there is not enough ATP being produced – conclude that the body is being starved. Consequently  the cells create new protein enzymes to break down muscle tissue to create more blood protein.  This protein is then broken down into amino acids; the tissue also produces lipids, cholesterol, and carboxylic acids.  The pH level of the blood decreases, blood pressure increases, and plaques form on the arteries, because of thick polluted blood.  All of the processes within the cells decrease, because there is not enough available ATP, the cellular vehicle for energy in the body. This cascade of events at the cellular level leads to the nerves in the body suffering and beginning to die through necrosis, because glucose is their only organic source which can produce ATP.  This leads to loss of sight, memory loss, and poor healing.

The medicinal mushrooms further help the pancreas and liver to not become overworked,  blood cholesterol levels decrease and the efficiency of all cells in the body improve.  All because we have provided the body with the essential tools to heal itself.  This chemistry is natural, it is provided at the correct biological ratios, as the body was intended to have. And because the mushrooms have no direct action, but rather communicate through cell receptors, they are not toxic to any body organs.  Mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables are safe whole foods and provide essential chemistry necessary to your ongoing good health.  Good health and disease prevention are done by providing the correct biological ratios of essential inorganic and organic chemistry through a comprehensive diet before consumption.

IN SUMMARY ~   Medicinal Mushrooms Support Your Immune System


A version of this article appeared in issue 141 of Jewish Weekly on May 14, 2020.
We are grateful for generous help from Nina Fishman in composing and editing this article, without her it would never flow as cleanly as it does.