Founder and Chairman

Alan is the founder and Chairman of MyShroom, a true visionary with a mission to help, heal, and serve. He has enjoyed careers as an entrepreneur, executive, research scientist, professor, lecturer, author, reporter, consultant and researcher in such diverse fields as cell biology, food and beverage manufacturing, consumer products, food science and nutrition, energy, software, hospitality, medical equipment, pharmacology and medicine. 

He is an accomplished leader with a strong portfolio of successes orchestrating the start-up, growth, and or optimization of diverse companies and projects.

He is the founder of the non-profit Quantum Health Discoveries Research Institute.  He has designed programs, lectured and instructed courses for the Small Business Development Centers at three universities and the Small Business Administration.  He has provided business advisory services to over 100 companies including the US Army. He has been a lecturer, instructor and trainer in four fields in these areas (entrepreneurship, hospitality, finance, food and beverage and insurance).  Link to for more information.

Mr. Attridge has worked for large public corporations such as Perrier, Nestle, Campbell Soup, TJX, Harvard University, GE and Schotteinsteins. An earlier career in hospitality and opened and operated seven restaurants, one hotel and Inn. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and was a professor and Ice Hockey Coach at Johnson and Wales University. Earlier research study in cell and marine biology. Graduate study and numerous course work in business, finance and the sciences.

He has an extensive background in technology transfer, including executing the commercialization, finance and compliance requirements, as well as technology marketing, licensing and assessment.  At multiple points in his professional tenure he has been hired to assume the leadership role for many new technology start-ups. He has also lead teams in the commercialization and the launching of new products and divisions for fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Attridge has lived and worked in Europe, Central, South and North America and has completed multiple international business transactions.