Founder and Chairman

Alan is the founder and Chairman of MyShroom, a true visionary with a mission to help, heal, and serve. He has enjoyed careers as an entrepreneur, executive, research scientist, professor, lecturer, author, reporter, consultant and researcher in such diverse fields as cell biology, food and beverage manufacturing, consumer products, food science and nutrition, energy, software, hospitality, medical equipment, pharmacology and medicine. 

Chief Learning Officer

Nina Fishman Attridge is an expert on organizational development, training, and employee development and engagement in the workplace.  She is a skilled facilitator, strategic advisor, and writer. She has led large scale team building, change management, executive coaching, and leadership development projects.  Her work helped Fortune 100 companies as well as non-profits achieve their noble goals.

Chief of Operations

Seasoned executive that has held C level positions in the Cannabis sector with Namaste Technologies, Magic Flight General ManufacturingCCS Inc. Collaborated in distribution channels in 5 separate continents. Master distribution consultant. Product engineer. 


Christoph started his career as a research scientist, then moved into Scientific and High Performance Computing, later led Web Development teams, and now is MyShroom's Chief Technical Officer. He has spoken at numerous conferences on a variety of subjects, led workshops for beginners and advanced students, and always tries to explain hard problems in plain English.

Chief of Grow and Manufacturing

Gary has over thirty-five years of entrepreneurial, executive and operational experience with agricultural, life science and biotechnology companies worldwide. He has founded numerous companies and been a director of companies in the US, Italy and India. Mr. Richardson has held numerous leadership roles in various organizations to include CEO, president, EVP and director. 


Nancy Aragon brings strong leadership and multi-tasking skills to the Myshroom Support Team. Her current focus is on securing and maintaining new distributorships, generating mushroom sales, assisting in the development of product and client protocols, office management, and providing ongoing education to staff and clients.

Fulfillment Admin

Rebecca has been in the medical field for 26 years, interacting with people in front and back of the office. She always had a passion to help people, whether it’s helping them with their health or being there to listen and comfort them. That's what is very important to her. When a family member that had Lyme disease used the MyShroom product and showed positive results, she knew she wanted to be part of this amazing team.

Art Director

Corinne is an award winning art director and artist, and has worked in the healthcare industry for over 10 years with major corporate healthcare companies, doctors and supplemental companies. She has practiced natural medicine all her life and is passionate about researching and helping connect others with noninvasive medical practices.


Jeanette is a Lyme Disease Survivor and Advocate of Lyme Disease. She is passionately helping people regain their health and life.

Formerly she was in the Optical Field for 24 years, where she started out as a Lab Technician for 12 years, then moved on to management of doctors offices. 

Carol Anne Chan is a registered nurse with special training and experience in whole body wellness; nutrition, circulation, detoxing and acute & chronic pain management. She has previously worked as a Midwife and as a nurse in Labor and Delivery, ICU, Cardiology and Women’s Health Clinics.

MyShroom Team - New Global Markets

A former licensed nurse who left the medical field after realizing it was a "medicine" field, and not the kind of "food as medicine and medicine as food" about which Hippocrates spoke. Upon discovering MyShrooms, she realized it is an organic medicinal solution to many, many of the world's ills and is on a mission to let the world know.

Principal Designer

David Arshawsky is an award winning designer, artist, teacher, and writer, from southern California. He comes from a family very involved in different aspects of science and health. He has been working with MyShroom for 10 years.