How can MyShroom® products help during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Coronvirus particles

A few answers for customers and other interested people

We do not know how MyShroom® medicinal mushroom blends interact with the coronavirus specifically, nor whether and how our MyShroom® blends or any other medicinal mushroom might fight a coronavirus infection.

However, now more than ever, a strong and resilient immune system is of paramount importance.

The MyShroom® Immune Health product is known to support the immune system:

  1. Medicinal mushrooms have a very complicated sugar chemistry (beta-glucans), which plug into the cell’s surface receptors causing an upregulation and modulation of the immune system.
  2. Consumption of the Immune Health product increases the number of neutrophils and natural killer cells (white blood cells). 
  3. Specifically, it enhances the ability of macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells to respond to and fight a wide range of challenges such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
  4. As a result, your immune system may keep illness under control.
  5. MyShroom® products support ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) proliferation in heart & muscles and increase oxygen uptake to red blood cells by 30%. This speeds recovery from illness.

Organic, fruits, and vegetables are safe whole foods and provide essential chemistry necessary for your ongoing good health.

Not all mushrooms are created equally. In order to provide the beneficial chemistry without the toxins in soil, water or the air, the fungi must be grown in a sterile environment and fed organic toxin and gluten free sterile substrates (the food) so you get a totally clean healthful food. This is how we grow and formulate all MyShroom® products.

For more information, see our disease prevention page.