How It Started

Our founder Alan was introduced to a hybrid strain of a medicinal mushroom by an Asian scientist in 2006.  The scientist and his team had taken a specie from the wild that grows on wood or dead plants and brought it into the laboratory. The Asian scientist and his team cultivated a new strain from this medicinal mushroom specie in their laboratory by growing it on an organic vegetable substrate in a clean room facility.  When this strain was fed to transgenic mice and rats with tumors, the tumors would go away and he asked that the founder and his team to participate in the research to determine the molecules, mechanisms and pathways of the chemistry.  After careful review of the science it was determined that the chemistry was to massive for the two teams to do the research so that more teams would be needed to do the research.  After finding over one hundred research teams doing research on fungi, the founders team found six teams who happen to be doing similar experiments with new strains they cultivated from other species with similar health improvement outcomes with transgenic mice and rats.  This then led to further collaboration and the sharing of the research between each team.

It took three years of research and collaboration, starting back in 2006 with research laboratories at universities internationally before coming up with these products.  Each university had started research and one as far back as 1971.  The story is as follows:

How the first product came about

Our founder and co-researcher of this venture was in Europe on a business trip to attend a 5-day meeting in December of 2008.   At the end of the meeting, one of the attendees shared with the founder that he had just received a phone call from his best friend, saying he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and an inoperable brain tumor.  The founder shared with the man the work his team was working on with other researchers and that he would like to make a few phone calls based on his ideas to see if something could be done to support the attendee's friend’s health.  The founder was working with other researchers in six countries investigating the mechanisms and pathways on what was causing positive health benefits from the various hybrid strains of medicinal mushroom species used in these university laboratories.  The various hybrids strains grown in the universities, when fed in part or as a whole to animals with cancers and various debilitating diseases had very positive health outcomes.  Many of the animals achieved remission from cancers and tumors, and their immune systems were strengthened.  The researcher spent the night discussing over the phone with a few of the team members from the seven different research teams that came from Asia, Europe and the USA.   At the end of the long discussions it was determined to experiment by putting together a formula made from specific hybrid strains that were grown in their laboratories that had the best outcomes in their studies.  The laboratories sent their hybrid strains to the United States and the researcher put together a formula made from these seven hybrid strains.   The product was then sent to the man who had cancer.

The team instructed the man to consume 32 grams or more a day (12 to 13 level teaspoons) of this custom formula (now called the Immune Health Blend) of hybrid medicinal mushroom strains.  The man with cancer was told to add it to his food or beverage to consume it.  The researchers instructed the man to stay on a strict healthful diet protocol.  The man called in five days and said he felt he had energy from consuming the product. Twenty-two days later, the patient's physician called the team and reported that medical tests showed that the man no longer had cancers or tumors anywhere in his body. Since that time the team has used the same formula and protocol with other cancer patients with similar results and thus started a business of growing the hybrid strains of the medicinal mushroom species and selling the formula blends.  These uncommon hybrid strains of common species are grown on unique organic autoclaved substrates in sterile clean rooms.

The mushroom blends boost the immune system’s response to disease and increases neutrophils and natural killer cells (white blood cell count) to help the body fight disease.  It balances the immune system and the underlying chemistry shows that the molecular structures are stable thus providing very bio available energy to the cells.  The chemistry from the mushrooms penetrates the blood brain barrier.  There is a marked increase of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) found in the cells of individuals consuming the product.

Some of the methods and pathways as to why we get the beneficial health outcomes have been found and some theorized and further study needs to be done to determine what chemistry stops the metastasis.  Reducing the expression of the TKs5 protein in cancer cells also inhibits metastatic tumor growth in animal models.   We know that this occurs, but we are researching to find the chemical mechanism in the cell.  The protein TKs5 controls the formation of invadopodia in cancer cells. We have become acquainted from anecdotal evidence with men and women with cancer, who, even after chemotherapy, had little hope for recovery that our product stopped metastatic tumor growth most of the time, anecdotally better than 90% of the time.  Reviewed from anecdotal studies from Europe and Asia, consuming specific dosages (usually 32 grams a day for cancers and chronic disease) of the immune blend have proven to repeat themselves with patients here in the United States.  Individuals, after consuming over a three-month period, experienced a reduction in markers, tumor growth or the shrinkage of tumors in lungs, brain, blood, bones, kidneys, thyroid, skin, prostate, pancreas, ovaries, spleen, colon, liver, breasts, skin, and with some achieved a complete remission of the disease.  Based on our extensive research from the compiled science from the collaboration four blends were formulated of hybrid strains. 

The continuation of the story is that when many of the physicians and health care professionals who used the products saw positive health outcomes with their patients, they then introduced it to other physicians and patients that had many different types of debilitating illnesses and diseases other than cancers.  These new patients then saw a positive outcome from consuming the medicinal mushroom products and this is how the word spread from physician to physician and from patient to patient. Consuming the mushroom product with diet changes do supports human chemistry in such a way with balancing the immune and nervous system. During this journey it has now been found that there are lots of beneficial chemistry in the medicinal mushroom products that supports the body with autoimmuneneurologicinfectiousgram negative and parasitic diseases

Since that time the teams have learned more about some of the mechanisms and pathways as to what is occurring with cancer cells and the immune system. We find that when the immune system is balanced and strong that the pain from and proliferation of many diseases is lessened. This is an ongoing research project.