MyShroom Testimonials

Us just telling you that MyShroom blends work wonders might not be enough. Here are just a few of the 100's of people we have been fortunate enough to help. We have edited lightly for grammar and style, but left the text otherwise intact. Click on a name for much more detail.   -- the MyShroom team

Stacy had a video appointment with her radiologist to go over the first MRI results since taking MyShrooms. First of all the radiologist was very happy with the results! Growth is still there, but there is decrease and less activity. Less blood flow to certain tumor areas (they are dying). The other areas that had higher levels are now less. There is a slight decrease in size. No chemo is needed, the next MRI scheduled in 4 months.  She was going over with her mom that it has been a year of no great news with MRI's, she always had to do radiation, chemo, or more frequent MRI's.  She has now been eating clean and taking mushrooms for 2 months.  Her mom started crying with joy!! 
Once I started taking MyShrooms Immune Blend, my digestion became much faster, painless and I was able to eat more...and digest it. My skin is clearer, I’m able to sleep much better and my muscle tone is improved. I highly recommend it. - Corinne A.
I had less aches and pains when I was on the Myshrooms. Also I noticed that I was less hungry when I was taking the Myshrooms and also I had an increase in energy, I would say maybe about 10-15 percent increase in my energy as opposed to when I was not taking them. - Melanie
Myshrooms have the properties that we seek to start the body down the path of natural healing and regeneration. - Chance and Merrill
I want to remain healthy and strong as I near the sixth decade of my life. A daily dose of 2 tsp of MyShroom Immune Health blend gives me the energy and focus of a good espresso shot, and none of the jitters.
Last month, after a few days of very irritating insatiable itching in my left heel, I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain like a jagged knife was twisting in my heel. It was unbearable. I mixed about 1/4 cup of the Immune Blend in  bottle of juice, drank it straight down, and the pain disappeared immediately. I haven't had any pain since. - Gailmarie S.
I was diagnosed with three extremely aggressive types of lymphoma, and given an extremely aggressive regimen of chemotherapy. After 900 hours of chemo I began taking the product. I felt as though my system was rebuilding and repairing my body after the intense regimen I had gone through. The effects of Alan's product are definitely beneficial and just keep getting better. - a 70 year old man
My mom has been suffering with pain in her body due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments ... and after taking the Myshroom Immune Health blend, she received relief from the pain the very same night and was also relieved from her nausea and vomiting and was able to sleep peacefully for more than five hours for the first time in two years.
After 8 years of debilitating pain and numerous other health issues from Lyme Disease, and $200,000 in treatments, MyShroom medicinal mushrooms & hemp CBD oil (as-needed) resulted in: Regular sleep and bio cycles, 98% reduced prescription opioid use (July 2018), ZERO trips to ER! -- Jeanette O.
I no longer use a cane (only for stairs) and am feeling stronger and healthier every day. I am so happy to have been introduced to the Myshroom Medicinal Mushrooms, for it has truly given me back ‘hope’ for a better life. In Gratitude, A. Ander