Alan's MyShroom Smoothie

Alan holding a cup of MyShroom smoothie

A full featured smoothie incorporating MyShroom® medicinal mushroom blend and many other healthy and essential ingredients. If you add Kale or related greens, the mushrooms' healthy chemistry is enhanced and potentiated.

Stay away from all forms of cane sugars and corn syrup.

You can add any of the optional ingredients to enhance the smoothie, and you can switch up the optional greens and fruits to add variety.

This yields about 3 10oz glasses.

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
5 minutes
3 or 4 cups of unsweetened almond or coconut milk
5 tablespoons ground flax seeds
8 to 24 teaspoons Myshroom® mushroom blend
3 tablespoons liquid mineral blend with fulvic acid
30mg silica (if not part of mineral blend)
Multivitamin or methylated Bs and C and D3 vitamins (follow dosage on label)
1 cup or more (ionized) water
(optional) 3 cups fresh organic greens
(optional) 2 or more cups fresh organic fruits
(optional) 6 tablespoons protein powder
(optional) 6 tablespoons organic ground chia seeds
(optional) 6 tablespoons organic ground cumin or turmeric
(optional) 1 tablespoon moringa or maca powder
(optional) other vegetables - such as carrot / cilantro / spinach / beet
(optional) other spices to your taste
(optional) organic healthful sweetener if desired - a natural sweetener: stevia / honey erythritol

Blend it all together in blender and serve.


Any of various water-soluble organic acids of high molecular weight derived from humus.  Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in oceans, dystrophic lakes, peat, coal, and the soil. When organic matter decomposes, it creates an intricate material that can't be synthesized. Humic substances like fulvic acid are capable of boosting our ability to absorb nutrients and minerals while detoxifying our body of environmental pollution, harmful metals, and free radicals.

There are many health benefits of fulvic acid. Its unique chemistry enables it to improve our cells and expedite the absorption of electrolytes. Fulvic acid supplements aid in proper digestion. They also significantly contribute to the reception of probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, microbiota, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Ayurvedic medicine has used fulvic acid for millennia, in a remedy known as Shilajit that is used to treat a multitude of conditions from inflammation to the flu.

Fulvic acids have been overlooked by medicine and science. They have been treated as impurities in water. Yet recent studies show they contain hidden treasures that serve as antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal agents capable of working alone or in combination with other natural remedies. An extensive number of studies show that humic extracts, specifically fulvic acids, effectively and safely kill many viruses, including retroviruses, influenza viruses, and herpes simplex viruses. In fact, there is a patented humic-based compound that purifies blood for transfusions, killing the HIV virus without damaging blood cells. Many of these effects can be attributed to the interaction with other organic molecules as well as antioxidant properties. No unfavorable side effects have been noted in the extensive  literature.

​Fulvic acids are essential for healthy soil, for plant vigor and for human health. They occur naturally in living plants grown in humic soils and are found in the gastrointestinal tract of healthy humans and animals. Fulvic acids also play a role in the creation of full-spectrum, living water. They are a natural part of the water in streams and rivers everywhere, balancing minerals and making them available for living organisms.

When fulvic acids are added to water, they bring structure and life force—invigorating depleted  water. By themselves, fulvic acids bring structure to water. However, if water is depleted (unstructured) when fulvic acids are added, much of the energy contained in them is spent to structure and activate the water. If, on the other hand,  water is structured prior to the addition of fulvic acids, a perfusion of energy results as one life force combines with another. Fulvic acids are alive with Nature’s energy. Their addition to structured water results in the development of a matrix with the energetic signature of the 3 dimensional Flower of Life.