Nancy Aragon brings strong leadership and multi-tasking skills to the Myshroom Support Team. Her current focus is on securing and maintaining new distributorships, generating mushroom sales, assisting in the development of product and client protocols, office management, and providing ongoing education to staff and clients.

Nancy's interpersonal strengths have evolved through holding positions, over many years, as a Behavioral Specialist with adults with developmental disabilities, and as an Autism Therapist for the San Diego City Schools and CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders)...

Her skillset included intensive home therapy, supporting and implementing IEP’s (Individual Education Program) for improving individuals behavioral, social and independent living skills, and quality of life. 

She also draws from her experience as the Commissioner of the Women’s National Adult Baseball Association. 

As well as, supervisory positions with the YMCA,  co-sharing the responsibilities, scheduling of referees and games for the Indoor Soccer and Hockey Leagues for both children and adults.  

It is all of her  previous positions that have helped to model Nancy’s unique skillset...Her exceptional communication and problem solving abilities, along with her patience, and passion for helping others,  has made Nancy a most invaluable member to the Myshroom Team!