Carol Anne

Carol Anne Chan is a registered nurse with special training and experience in whole body wellness; nutrition, circulation, detoxing and acute & chronic pain management. She has previously worked as a Midwife and as a nurse in Labor and Delivery, ICU, Cardiology and Women’s Health Clinics. For many years she was a Nurse Research Coordinator for AIDS,  women’s health, teen pregnancy, pediatrics, cardiology, and pain management.  During her 5 years in pain medicine clinic at the NMCSD, she initiated and co-wrote a grant for an integrated mind body wellness program to treat our military personnel with disabling pain. This program is very successful with 70% returning to active service. 

While there, she was trained in auricular battlefield acupuncture, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu (2 Japanese Healing Arts), She wrote nutritional guides regarding;  weight loss, anti-inflammation and pain relief.  In her career, counselling and education played a major role, guiding new mothers giving birth naturally; to diabetic and cardiac patients helping them avoid foods that would worsen their conditions; to tough Marines, male and female, who needed to learn how to cope with the demons of bodily and emotional pain. Currently her focus is obtaining health through cleansing the body and proper nutrition and supplementation, believing the body can heal itself if given the chance to recover from metabolic burdens and restore normal function.

Carol Anne’s Health Journey

2008 to 2016, Carol Anne had progressive circulation and peripheral nervous system symptoms (migraines, vertigo, pain, tingling, numbness in face, hands, feet and legs).  Also, she was having regular respiratory infections and her allergy reactions were worsening (congestion and asthma). Her joints, back and neck pain were worsening. She started experiencing digestive symptoms (bloating,  diarrhea, constipation, food intolerances). After seeking health care through traditional channels, she was left with no answers or help. She had always incorporated natural holistic approaches to her health and diet, but her condition was rapidly worsening, and she needed to take massive action. She turned her research skills to seeking out answers for herself.  She discovered in February of 2016 that the medications her doctors had prescribed her for the last 20 years had fluoride in them. These included Macrobid, nitrofurantoin, Hismanal, Prednisone, Celexa, antibiotics that contain fluoride (Cipro, Levaquin, Moxifloxacin) and Flonase. Ingested Fluoride is Neurotoxic and forms an abnormal bond with Calcium and magnesium. 2015 the FDA  had put two Black Box warnings on the antibiotics containing Fluoride, one for tendon ruptures and one for Neurological damage and Aortic and Abdominal Aneurysms. Much of her illness was neurological and this helped explain a lot of what was going on. This started her journey into detoxing. Over the past 3 years of detoxing, eating healthy clean food and water, using supplements instead of drugs, using holistic tools i.e. BEMER and Ozone, has helped her regain homeostasis and wellness in her body. 

The latest, which should have been the first part of her detox,  was to remove all 5 root canals she had since she was 30. Unknowingly they had been silently infecting her for years, wearing down her immune system. November 2018, they showed bone loss and were determined they had to come out. February 2019 all 5 were removed. The roots of her teeth were black with dead tissue and infection. She was glad to have them out but removing them set off a BOMB of nasty microbes into her face. She had 3 areas of infection. 2 sites resolved with Clindamycin, ozone and drainage. The last was an infected abscess of her left sinus, from the upper jaw to her brain, quite painful. After 3 antibiotics failed to treat abscess she was scheduled for surgical removal. 2 weeks before the surgery she heard a lecture on Medicinal Mushrooms which, through various mechanisms, reboot the immune system to battle inflammation, infection and abnormal tissue growth. Wanting to avoid surgery she did the mushroom protocol. After the first dose of mushrooms all her facial pain was relieved. She postponed her surgery and 3 weeks later a CT scan showed all the infected sinus tissue was gone. Sinus Surgery and potential complications was avoided. She is still in the healing process and just got 5 Zirconium implants to replace her missing teeth. She hopes to have a complete smile by Christmas. 

It has been a long step by step journey to regain her health, but well worth it. As someone who has been down this road she can relate and be a supportive guide.

Carol Anne Chan’s Associations and Certifications

Registered Nurse 
Bachelors Of Science In Nursing  
National Nurses Honor Society                                                                                                   
Masters In Public Health
Certified Health Coach

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Staying healthy can be a challenge when the body is bombarded by toxins every day in our water, food, medication, homes and work environments.